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Class type Dn_config.dn_config

class type dn_config = object .. end

method dn_clustername : string
The clustername
method dn_directory : string
The directory containing the store. There are two files:
  • config: first line contains the identity string. Second line contains the block size
  • data: one big file with the data blocks

method dn_blocksize : int
The blocksize. This value is used for new stores, and only existing stores can be opened that have the same blocksize
method dn_io_processes : int
The number of dn_io processes.
method dn_shm_queue_length : int
The size of the shm queue, in blocks. Should be about two times the maximum number of dn_io processes
method dn_sync_period : float
How often the file is synced to disk
method dn_multicast_group : Unix.inet_addr option
The multicast group to join
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