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Module Dn_shm

module Dn_shm: sig .. end
Shared memory for transmitting data from the main process to the I/O processes and vice versa

class type dn_shm_config = object .. end
type dn_shm 
val create : dn_shm_config -> string
Creates the shm object and returns its name
val unlink : string -> unit
Unlinks the name. Failsafe
val openshm : dn_shm_config -> string -> dn_shm
Maps the shm object
val length : dn_shm -> int
Returns dn_shm_queue_length
val blocksize : dn_shm -> int
Returns dn_blocksize
val slot : dn_shm -> int -> Netsys_mem.memory * int
let (mem,pos) = slot shm i: Accesses the slot i of the shm object shm. Requires that 0 <= i < length . The slot occupies the byte range pos to pos+blocksize-1 in mem
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