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Class type Nn_config.nn_node_config

class type nn_node_config = object .. end

method nn_clustername : string
The clustername
method nn_hostname : string
The hostname of this node. Must be resolvable to a reasonable IP address so that other nodes can reach this node.
method nn_nodes : string list
The name nodes in "host:port" syntax
method nn_node_timeout : float
The timeout for connects and RPC calls to name nodes
method nn_node_alive_min : int
How many name nodes need to be alive to continue with operations
method nn_node_alive_min_startup : int
How many name nodes need to be alive at cluster startup
method nn_rank : string
The rank of this node compared to other nodes. At startup time, the node with the lowest rank is chosen as coordinator. Each node must have a distinct rank. Ranks are compared as in
method nn_elect_timeout : float
For how many seconds to wait for neighbor namenodes
method nn_inodecaches : string list
Which inodecaches are announced to the clients
method nn_replication : int
Default replication factor
method nn_lock_timeout : float
After these many seconds transactions are not retried on ECONFLICT
method nn_pool_size : int
How much pool RAM is allocated (shared memory)
method nn_consistency_checks : bool
Whether to do more consistency checks, even the time-consuming ones
method dn_blocksize : int
Expected blocksize of datanodes
method dn_port : int
The data node port
method dn_node_timeout : float
The timeout for connects and RPC calls to data nodes
method dn_security_level : Pfs_auth.level
The security level the datanodes expect
method dn_discovery_addrs : Unix.inet_addr list
The address to use for discovering datanodes. Normally [], i.e. multicasting is enabled for this.
method dn_discovery_period : float
Every how many seconds a new discovery messge is emitted
method dn_multicast_ttl : int
The number of hops (routers+1) for multicasting. Default is 1
method dn_max_errors : int
For the liveliness monitoring: how many errors (missing response messages) are at most acceptable. If more errors occur, the datanode is considered as dead.
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