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Module Plasma_platform

module Plasma_platform: sig .. end
Some C functions

val blit_memory : Netsys_mem.memory -> int -> Netsys_mem.memory -> int -> int -> unit
blit_memory src srcoff dst dstoff len copies len characters from buffer src, starting at character number srcoff, to string dst, starting at character number dstoff

Raise Invalid_argument if srcoff and len do not designate a valid subbuffer of src, or if dstoff and len do not designate a valid substring of dst.

This function avoids the creation of a subarray like in

           (Bigarray.Array1.sub src srcoff len)
           (Bigarray.Array1.sub dst dstoff len)

val fill_memory : Netsys_mem.memory -> int -> int -> char -> unit
fill_memory mem pos len x: Fills the buffer mem from pos to pos+len-1 with character x.
val sys_is_darwin : bool
Whether we are running on Darwin (OS X)
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