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Class type Plasma_ug.ug_admin

class type ug_admin = object .. end

method getpwnam : string -> Unix.passwd_entry
method getpwuid : int -> Unix.passwd_entry
Find a passwd entry by name or by uid
method getgrnam : string -> Unix.group_entry
method getgrgid : int -> Unix.group_entry
Find a group entry by name or by gid
method getgroups : string -> Plasma_util.StrSet.t
getgroups user: Returns the set of effective group memberships for user
method users : Unix.passwd_entry list
method groups : Unix.group_entry list
Return the users and groups
method add_group : Unix.group_entry -> unit
Add a group. If the name or gid of the group is already used, the previous definition is replaced.

It is not checked whether the group members exist.

method del_group : string -> unit
Delete the group. The group is removed from all users where it is included in the list of supplementary groups. If the group is a primary group of a user, the removal will fail.
method add_user : Unix.passwd_entry -> unit
Add a user. The groups to which this user is added must already exist. If the name or uid of the user is already used, the previous definition is replaced.
method del_user : string -> unit
Delete the user
method admin_tables : (string * string) list
The contents of this object as admin tables. This method returns pairs (table_name,table_contents).
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