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Module Mapred_auth

module Mapred_auth: sig .. end
Authentication in server context

Server Configuration

type access = {
   users :(string * string * string * string * int) list; (*The RPC users with passwords. Incoming connections can log in as any of these users.

The tuple is: (user, password, salted_password, salt, iteration_count)

val extract_access_config : Netplex_types.config_file -> Netplex_types.address -> access
Extracts a config section from a Netplex config file like:

	  access {
	    user { name = "name"; password = "pw" };
	    (* more users possible *)

If this section is missing, the empty list of users is reported.

It is possible to use password_file instead of password to read the password from the first line of a given file (relative to the config file).

val configure_rpc_server : Rpc_server.t -> access -> unit
Configures the RPC server so the passed level of access protection is required.

The procedure 0 is handled specially here and never requires authentication.

Client Configuration

val get_client_auth : Plasma_client.plasma_cluster -> string
Requests an authentication ticket
val rpc_proxy_auth_methods : string -> Rpc_client.auth_method list
Returns a value suitable for the mclient_auth_methods field. The arg is the authentication ticket.
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