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Module Nn_coord

module Nn_coord: sig .. end
The implementation of the namenode component for the coordinator node

This is a multi-processing component supporting more than one process.

val post_start_hook : Netplex_types.container ->
Nn_config.nn_node_config ->
Pfs_auth.client_auth -> Netmcore.res_id -> int -> string -> unit
post_start_hook cont conf cauth pool master_index transaction_revision
val activate_timers : unit -> unit
Called when we can run transactions to enable the housekeeping timers. This fn must only be called in one of the worker processes.
val setup : Rpc_server.t -> Nn_config.nn_node_config -> unit
val wait_until_slaves_are_ready_e : unit -> unit Uq_engines.engine
Wait until the slaves respond
val revision_transaction_e : unit -> unit Uq_engines.engine
This initial transaction clears all revisions. As a side effect, it is also tested whether the slaves can really commit.
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