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Module Plasma_shm.Netplex_shm_manager

module Netplex_shm_manager: sig .. end

Configuration and initialization of the Netplex shm manager.
val post_add_hook : Netplex_types.controller -> unit
This function must be called from the post_add_hook of the component
val init : shm_wm:Plasma_shm.watermarks -> buf_wm:Plasma_shm.watermarks -> unit
This can be called from component context to set the low-water and high-water marks. By default, these marks are max_int, and shm_condition always returns `Normal.

When the sum of all allocated shared memory exceeds the high-water mark, the condition is switched to `Tight. It is switched back to `Normal when the sum sinks below the low-water mark.

It is not allocated more than max shared memory.

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