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Module Plasma_shm

module Plasma_shm: sig .. end
Management of large buffers incl. shared memory

The idea of this module is to count the shared memory allocations, and to provide information whether shared memory is well available or tight

This is now also used for large buffers that are not shared.

type id = [ `Buf_id of int | `Shm_id of int ] 
type kind = [ `Buf | `Shm ] 
type condition = [ `Normal | `Tight ] 
type watermarks = {
   low :int64;
   high :int64;
   max :int64;
exception Shm_max_exceeded
The allocation would exceed the configured maximum for shm consumption. This exception does not mean that the OS does not have any shm available (this is Plasma_util.Out_of_shared_memory).
exception Buf_max_exceeded
The allocation would exceed the configured maximum for large buffers
class type shm_manager = object .. end
class null_shm_manager : unit -> shm_manager
This manager always reports the condition `Normal
class netplex_shm_manager : unit -> shm_manager
This manager puts the shm accouning information into Netplex shared variables.
module Netplex_shm_manager: sig .. end
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